About Us

Scent with Love was founded in June 2020 by Millie Ritchie. She started this company because was fed up with buying store brand wax melts that didn’t last very long and could never find an online wax store that produced highly scented wax melts at an affordable price, whilst also being vegan and cruelty-free.

Ever since she was a child, Millie was enamoured by scented candles, her dad always used vanilla scented candles and her mum always loved Jo Malone and The White Company candles and fragrances. Millie also adores The White Company and Jo Malone but neither company offers their scents in a wax melt version. We find that candles are too bulky, especially if you enjoy a vast variety of scents which you like to change frequently.

Millie wanted to create a wax melt which was stronger scented than any other wax melt she had tried in the past. Through extensive research and a lot of trial and error, we are confident we have now done that. Not only did we want these wax melts to be as highly scented as possible, but we also wanted them to be affordable too.

Millie has always found that the wax melts with a more concentrated scent were often more expensive, but not all expensive wax melts smell as strong as you would hope. When she bought some wax bars from a well-known online wax company, she was deeply disappointed that although their wax bars smelt beautiful in their packaging, they produced no scent when burning and after just a few hours of burning, all the fragrance had evaporated from the wax.

All the products on our website are handmade by Millie personally in her kitchen. Our products are also vegan and cruelty-free. We make all our products with love and we sincerely hope that these products bring you as much joy upon receiving, as they bring us when creating all these lovely products.

Lots of love,
The Scent with Love Team x